Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nixon's Ghost is Moving ...

Moving Here ...

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Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Shift Begins ...

And McCain takes the lead ...

So Many Smears and Lies ...

The Lies and Smears keep coming ... ladies and gents - we've NEVER seen anything like this before. The Liberal and Leftist Press is ON FIRE WITH RAGE AND HATE FOR THIS WOMAN!

Some of the latest lies and smear attempts ...

1. A list of books that Sarah Palin allegedly "banned" from the library when she was a mayor. This appears to have begun on the DailyKOS website ... and it's been proven FALSE.

2. Sarah Palin called Obama "Sambo" and Hillary a "Bitch". Absolutely NO source cited other than an "anonymous" one!

3. Young Sarah Palin in the "busty" T-Shirt. Yeah keep it up Huffington Post ... this only helps us - we've been saying all along she's ALWAYS been a cool gal and this photo proves it!

4. She Smoked Marijuana! LOL ... Yes she did - and it was LEGAL. Why even make a story of this? Where's the stories on Barack SNORTING COCAINE??

Folks ... it's getting WILD out there - and you have to ask yourself ...

"Why are the Media and Lefties SOOOO Desparate to destroy this woman?"


Oh ... it's going to get ugly folks. This woman is going to be the target of the worst mudslinging you've absolutely ever seen. Now ... I didn't expect that many "Hillary" voters would come over to McCain because of her - but if the mud keeps up (and let's pray it does) ... then at least SOME of the Hillary women are going to be turned off by the radical left as they expose themselves for what they REALLY are.

McCain is a geniuous.

Another thing ... Sarah Palin is being INNOCULATED right now. With so many rumors out there ... so much wild irresponsibility - even if they ever DO find something true on her it isn't going to hurt her. Keep it up media!

This is a MIRACLE ... The Socialist Media and the Radical Left have reincarnated Princess Diana! Her popularity simply keeps going up as they pile on her. At the end of this journey ... Sarah Palin will be a blend of Diana and Margaret Thatcher - the Iron Lady! Conservatives needed a new Ronald Reagan - someone we could rally around. John McCain brought her to the alter - and the Socialist Media unwittingly crowned her!



The Republican National Convention was the MOST WATCHED IN HISTORY.


ZerObama's "I am Apollo" Convention ... with it's Mount Olympus Settings ... Hollywood Choreography ... Bruce Springsteen, Cheryl Crowe, and company loses out. Love it!

Will Biden Leave the Ticket?

Will long time Senatorial blow-hard wind-bag Joe Biden leave the Obama / Biden ticket?

Watch out - I predict ... he just might and probably will if McCain hits a 2 digit lead in the polls with his trusty side-kick, Sarah Palin.

Joe has BAGGAGE.

- He had to leave the 1988 Presidential campaign in disgrace after he was cold-busted plagiarizing British Labour Leader Neil Kinnock's speeches.

- He's known to have the air of a pompous ass and that is not a good recipe for going against someone like Sarah Palin.

- He's known to make gaffes ... and the RNC has a "Biden Gaffe Clock" they keep resetting each time Biden says something stupid.

- Forget Sarah's pregnant daughter - Joe's brother and son are under investigation for fraud now and it certainly looks like his brother and son were windfall beneficiaries of Joe's status as a Senator. This flies directly in the face of the "change" that ZerObama is trying to sell.

- McCain has not yet begun to tap into the video footage from the Democratic primaries where "Smokin' Joe" rips into Obama for being "inexperienced".

- He has a Penis.

- He's not Hillary.

Was he "vetted" properly?

Anyway ... here's how a "Biden Exit" will be engineered ...

Joe will have an "emergency". Maybe a feigned "health issue" or some other issue of a "personal nature" where Joe will have to reluctantly "bow out".

And then ...

Well ... you "could" see Hillary come online - but I doubt it. You see - I think Hillary wants McCain to win this - she really doesn't want Obama to win - because Obama will destroy the Democratic brand in 4 years - and no Democrat - not even Hillary - will be electable to the Oval Office.

But if McCain gets in - well ... there's a shot for Hillary in 2012. McCain could be a single term President leaving Hillary as the de facto Democratic Nominee in 2012 facing ... Sarah Palin??

So I don't think Hillary will jump on the ticket.

More likely ... ZerObama will pull a "McCain". Emulating McCain's selection of Palin ... ZerObama may just take Michael Moore's advice and tap Caroline Kennedy. That would be my guess.

So watch closely Starship Troopers! Biden's days on the ticket may be numbered. He can't compete with Palin and the Messiah ... the all merciful chosen one his lordship Barack knows this!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Turnabout is Fair Play ...

Well since the Drive-By media has decided that going after Sarah Palin's pregnant 17 year old daughter and questioning her ability as a mother is "fair game" ...

How about this nice little LEGITIMATE TIDBIT ON JOE BIDEN ...

Hunter Biden was made president with an annual salary of $1.2 million, despite his inexperience in the hedge fund industry, the lawsuit said. Before that, he had been part of the Washington law firm Oldaker, Biden & Belair, which earned $1.76 million in lobbying revenue in the first half of 2006, according to Congressional Quarterly's CQ MoneyLine.
Corruption ... Politics as usual ... THIS AIN'T CHANGE!

Come on Media! Bring it on! We have NOT YET BEGUN TO TALK ABOUT BILL AYERS AND JERRY WRIGHT ... nor the crook that sold BHO his mansion at a cut rate!


Media Makes A Star ...

"I think it's just absolutely horrible. But thank God they're doing it, because I understand, for instance, the media has pushed 37 million to watch her last night...I just hope that they keep it up. Just keep doing it, and showing the hypocrisy of the left. "

- Tom Delay

I'm convinced now that the American Drive-By Media is composed of the dimmest brains on this planet. It must be a mutant gene infesting them all. God Bless them - they don't understand this country or the people in it. They're all busy following an emperor with no clothes - but none of them can realize that the common man and woman out here can see he's naked as a jaybird!

Barack Hussien Obama (BHO) ... is a creation of the media. He is the most ill equipped candidate ever to be nominated for the office by a major party. He's there simply because of the media's support, Holywood's support - and because about 40 percent of the American population seems to be dumb ... or just like to be on a "cool" bandwagon.

The media has tripped over itself in it's orgasmic promotion of BHO. Chris Matthew's speaking about a "thrill going up my leg" whenever Obama speaks - and then immediately calling that an "objective assessment"! NEWS FLASH CHRIS ... YOU'RE IN THE TANK FOR OBAMA - AND YOU ALSO POSSIBLY HAVE SOMETHING "LATENT" GOING ON!

The examples of left-wing dominance of the Drive-By media are so numerous - they aren't even trying to hide it anymore. Let's face it - trying to "cloak" their bias didn't get their guy ... Algore elected in 2000. They came out a bit more for John Kerry in 2004 and still couldn't win the election - this time the gloves and the pretense are OFF - and they don't care who sees that they aren't objective anymore.

Then something happened ...

First of all ... people started getting pissed off at this "slanted" news coverage in favor of the messiah - and a backlash hit him. He started slipping in the polls. At a time when you should be able to run a GOAT against a Republican and win - BHO was going under. He wasn't helping himself with his appearance at Saddleback where he claimed he "didn't know" when human life began because it was "above my paygrade". Well ... killing babies in the womb doesn't seem to be above his paygrade - why is he in support of killing babies in the womb if he isn't sure they're not "human life". What an idiot.

The Russia invaded Georgia - and McCain shot out of the gate with the approapriate position - the Russians need to get the hell out of Georgia now! BHO himmed and hawed and asked both sides to calm down - forget the fact that it was RUSSIA that did the invading - and Georgia was pretty much an innocent player in all this. After three days - BHO finally adopted McCain's position on the issue.

And Hillary ... oh Hillary ... BHO the messiah was unable to "unite" his own party! That's not good for a guy who claims he can "unite" a country!

In order to salvage himself he decided he needed some "Gravitas" ... so he threw the "yawn ball" at the plate in the form of Joe Biden - a pompous guy who plagerizes Neil Kinnock and has a brother and son under investigation for fraud. But the media didn't mention ANY of this in spite of the fact that Biden's history has been known by them for quite awhile".

But the people out here know Joe Biden ... and the "yawn ball" went high and outside.


Seeing all this ... Johnny "doubled down" on his "maverick card" and picked an attractive, young, intelligent, unabashedly conservative WOMAN!

"GOD DAMN!" That was the cry that went out in the media and in the BHO campaign headquarters. They looked at Sarah Palin the way that Joseph Hooker looked at Stonewall Jackson's Army when it came out of the wilderness at Chancellorsville to roll up Hooker's right flank.

And the Democrats and the media reacted EXACTLY the way Hooker did at Chancellorsville - with desparation!

Without even knowing this woman - they ripped into her in a mad effort to destroy her. They didn't just rip into her professional career - they went after her family ... stole her Social Security number ... made calls for her DNA to prove she was the mother of her son Trig. In their haste and hate ... they also got a lot of things WRONG about her story.

The double standard in the media was obvious to even the dimmest of us chuckleheads out here in middle America.

Democratic strategist Kirsten Powers seems to have been the only one who understood what was about to happen - but no one would listen to her plea ...

It was a leftist radical / drive-by media feeding frenzy - and with nothing coming from the McCain campaign - it looked like Sarah Palin might be forced off the Republican ticket ... which would have been a sure victory for BHO in November. This realization caused the frenzy of hate to swirl and boil over - and get exponentially worse - palpable to the senses of all Americans.

This hate fest by the left-wingers and media did two things ...

1. It galvanized the conservative base of the Repubicans around Sarah Palin - and by extension - around McCain - Johnny got his base back.

2. It ensured that 39 million Americans would tune in to Sarah Palin's acceptance speech.

Some folks tuned into the speech to watch her fail - some tuned in (like me) to pray and project as much strength through that TV tube and into her - so she wouldn't fail.

The pressure was intense. Sarah Palin had never spoken to a group larger than 800 people. And she had never made a speech on national television, in prime time - and under as much scrutiny and baggage as this.


Sarah Palin ...


Dude ... SHE WAS A MACHINE. Absolutely no nervousness. Glitchy Teleprompter? No problem - she glided through it with a wrinkled up, marked up paper copy of the speech.

That's a PRO.

The media set the stage for almost 40 million Americans to watch her speech - and she hit a grand slam that sent them reeling!

And not only that - her speech was so good ... people wanted to see who this "maverick" was that found this wonderful lady ... and MORE PEOPLE watched McCain's speech the following night than watched BHO's "Apollo the Greek God" speech the week before!

And not only that ... Sarah threw combination punches during the speech which HURT OBAMA.

And not only that ... it seems that she's inspired MALE REPUBLICANS to FIGHT TOO! Newt Gingrich taking on reporters ... Tom Delay taking on reporters - calling them to task. Nothing gets men moving as much as seeing a woman doing what they should have been doing all along!

And not only that ... Sarah Palin has caused such an eruption of enthusiasm among conservatives - she's lit a fire in McCain's fundraising. Conservative estimates show McCain raised over $10 million dollars in the two days after Sarah Palin's selection and he's on track to earn a total of $47 million dollars this month - a McCain high. Republicans are now saying - the money is covered now ... and they will be able to compete with the Democrats through the remainder of the election.

And the money won't stop there - because ...


And the media is still slamming her! Folks - it doesn't get any better than this. Each slam by the elitist media against Sarah Palin and McCain brings thousands more voters onto the "Straight Talk Express".

This is going to be exciting!


Well Gustav has done his worst to Louisiana and ... it wasn't too bad. A few thoughts ...

1. BOBBY JINDAL made a HUGE DIFFERENCE. Where Kathleen Blanco failed - Bobby excelled ... and here's why ...
  • Jindal holds his staff and the state government ACCOUNTABLE. Blanco never did. Blanco's administration was made up of Democratic Party hacks and cronies who felt they were owed a paycheck for coming into work and "talking". "Talking" ... they did a lot of it. "Production" ... they did little of. Bobby Jindal doesn't allow that - he demands his staff and the state government perform - or they don't have a job. Additionally - Bobby TOOK CHARGE of the effort and the result - something that was foriegn to Kathleen Blanco. Like all Democrats - she simply "expected" the federal government to come to her rescue and then she'd blame them when they fell short. That's not Bobby's cup of tea.

  • THE "RAY NAGAN FACTOR" WAS REMOVED FROM THE EQUATION. Bobby Jindal and FEMA told Ray Nagan they would handle everything - the only thing he needed to do was make fearful announcements and speeches to convince people to leave the city of New Orleans. Ray was more than happy to take up this ceremonial role and pass on any other responsibility for the effort. He got out of everyone's way and allowed the state and Feds to call the shots. This kept him from making a cluster fuck of the whole effort. GOOD GO BOBBY JINDAL!
2. People who lived through KATRINA took the threat seriously - and they began evacuation even before the mandatory evacuations were ordered. Hopefully this kind of "collective memory" of the Katrina disaster lasts for a long time - but I doubt it.

3. FEMA was proactive. With a Republican Governor in place - there would be no "blame game" at the end of the fourth quarter - so everyone was free to concentrate on helping the situation rather than working to cover their asses. This meant state and Feds worked in a symbiotic, organic fashion in complementing their efforts - rather than countering them.

And that's the HOTWASH.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


"Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?"

These were the words spoken by Army Counsel Joseph Welch in response to Senator Joseph McCarthy's reckless attacks against one of the young lawyers in Welch's firm.

But the DOGS IN THE AMERICAN LEFT have gone beyond anything Joe McCarthy ever did. They have lost all sense of decency ... basically ... they're pieces of shit and they need to be called on it ... and Vercingetorix is here to do just that.

The attacks against Sarah Palin by the DOGS of the Left have been despicable. And they've been aided and abetted by the American Drive-By media ... which will do ANYTHING to get their boy ... Obama elected. While they enjoy the "shivver" that Obama sends up their thigh ... they make up lies and rumors against Sarah Palin. They STEAL her social security number and her identity to harass and embarras her. They highlight Todd Palin's DUI at age 22 ... but they fail to mention that Todd got his DUI about the same time their messiah ... the almighty merciful OBAMA - was SNORTING COCAINE.

Absolutely despicable.

SARAH PALIN IS A THREAT TO THE LEFT ... and that is why we in Middle America need to rally around this fine woman!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

GUSTAV And The New Face of Louisiana Politics

Another break for me from my Hurricane preps but I needed to comment on something.

ALREADY ... ALREADY ... I can see a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the State response. Kicking the school marm Blanco out of the Governor's Mansion and putting Bobby Jendal in there is the best thing we Louisianans have done in a LOOOONG time.

Jendal is ALL OVER IT. Nagan in New Orleans - same old shit - he's just getting in front of the cameras and trying to act cool - because that's his only priority - looking cool. What he's saying - isn't much. What he's doing - well he's being spoon fed and told what to do by the Republican State government, FEMA, and the Corps of Engineers.

Whatever happens this storm - it will be a picnic compared to Katrina - because the "Witch of Woe" ... Kathleen Blanco is gone forever from the Governor's Mansion. Peace to her and good luck in future endeavors - just stay away from me!

As far as me and my preps ... bought a 6X10 covered trailer a few days ago and I'll be hauling my refrigerator, washer, dryer and barbeque grill out of here. Already moved the tools and lawn equipment to my folk's house in East Mississippi. I will have everything I need to rebuild if I flood again. Also moving all the valuables upstairs this time - the furniture ... TV's. My goal here is to lose only walls and flooring and cabinets. The dishwasher - well it was salvaged from the Katrina flood and still runs good - but it makes a lot of noise and needs a replace. If it floods - I'll buy another. Oh ... also I could lose the oven if it floods and perhaps my Microwave mounted over it - depending on how high the water gets.

Hopefully the water won't come. I do have a 13 foot levy around my subdivision. Katrina did not breach it ... Katrina TOPPED IT. So if it doesn't get higher than that ... should be okay!


Vercingetorix makes a flip-flop.

Waive Off on Obama for President ... I'm rescinding my endorsement of him.

Reason? Well I have to be brief here because ANOTHER MAJOR HURRICANE is bearing down on my crib - and I have to get ready but ...

Something weird has happened to this race ...


It started with him passing out tire gages with "OBAMA'S ENERGY PLAN" inscribed on them! Too funny - and spot on accurate!

It continued with McCain's ads contrasting Charlton Heston's MOSES with Obama the anointed savior!

It continued with McCain beating Obama like a rented mule at Saddle Back.

It continued to be evidenced by McCain's ads showing leading Democrats endorsing him - and saying bad things about Obama! Pure genius!

And now this GRAND SLAM pick of a female Teddy Roosevelt for Vice President ... Sarah Palin!

GOD DAMN - MCCAIN HAS HIT HIS STRIDE. I wish I had time to elaborate more on this - but look at this way ... MCCAIN AND PALIN IN THE WHITE HOUSE VS A DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS - folks - it's TOO GOOD TO PASS UP.


Back to the Hurricane - wish me luck!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Whooped His Ass ...

The Ass Whipping ...

John McCain DECISIVELY DEFEATED Barack Obama at their first real "standoff" at the Saddleback Presidential Candidates Forum on Saturday.

The Contrast was stark ... a "wishy-washy" and "vague" Obama versus a confident and certain McCain. Read the transcript for yourself ... but the one question that seemed to sum of the differences the most was the question on when life begins.

Obama provided the typical political answer for such a question ... basically ... "I don't know ... It's above my paygrade".

This is "Change"??

McCain's response? An immediate ... "At Conception". No wishy washy ... no political answer. No vagueness. If you want change - that's it.

But folks ... don't let this stop the Obama trainwreck - which has to happen for the country to get back on the right track. We deserve Obama ... and I'm still backing him for President. We don't deserve an honest President because we've become a plastic world influenced by plastic imagemakers ... and that's why we deserve the Obamageddon that's coming.

On another note ... did you hear that Nancy Pelosi has praised Obama as ... "The leader that GOD HAS BLESSED US WITH at this moment" ???

Laughing my ass off - those Libs really belive Obama is the son of God. Proof that if you don't believe in God - you'll believe in anything else!

UPDATE: Uppity Woman highlights the OUTRIGHT LIE that the almighty messiah his holiness Obama told and the "gutwrenching moment" that NEVER happened!

Update 2: More fallout ... Father Jonathan Morris says over at Fox ...

Now we do know. What I find disturbing is that while Senator Obama says he doesn’t know when babies get rights, he has always felt comfortable voting to refuse the right to life to all pre-born babies, even ones who are aborted outside of the womb, through partial birth abortion or, shockingly, even after a botched abortion.

Obama has NOW ADMITTED that he's aided and abetted in the killing of millions of human fetuses and HE DOESN'T KNOW IF THOSE FETUSES WERE ACTUALLY HUMAN LIFE HE WAS ACTUALLY ADVOCATING DESTROYING!!

But he did it anyway. Yes my friends - this is a President WE DESERVE!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

They Did It Again ...

Bordor Patrol Agent Held at Gunpoint

Armed Mexican soldliers cross (again) into the United States … this time they threaten a Bordor Patrol Agent with guns before leaving.

And again - the United States will "blow this off" as some kind of mistake.

Folks … this is the day and age of the Global Positioning System … and even the most "backwater" Mexican military units have them. They have maps … displays that tell you PRECISELY where you are.

But we'll buy (yet again) the excuse from the Mexican government that they didn't know where they were. And we'll buy it because we're too afraid of upsetting the "tyranny of the left" that has a stranglehold on this country. The same "tyranny of the left" that sees America as the cause of the world's problems. The same "tyranny of the left" that actually believes half the country SHOULD BELONG to Mexico.

Folks - a country that is unwilling to protect it's borders - deserves what it gets. If you leave the door unlocked to your house - do you expect anyone to have sympathy for you when you get robbed?

If you (Mr. and Mrs. Patriotic American) don't have the BALLS to tell these liberals to "STFU!" … then you and your progeny deserve the world these liberals create for you.

'Nuff Said.